Gwen Maghdour

“Pansies” – 26cm x 17cm – Watercolour. One of my first watercolour paintings, which was later framed and given to a friend for her birthday. Was very much appreciated.




“Roses” – 25cm x 17cm – Watercolour







“Trees by a river” – 29cm x 21cm – Pen and Wash






“Resting Butterfly” – 24cm x 20cm Watercolour – based on a photograph by Steve Round.






“Dark Eyes” – 20cm x 25cm – Pencil Drawing.







“Wild Flowers” – 28cm x 28cm – Watercolour







“In the Country” – 28cm x 19cm – Pen and wash





“Vase of Flowers” – 20cm x 30cm – Acrylic








“Lillies” – 28cm x 38cm – Watercolour