The Old Farm by Alan Owen


I made a great pen out of an old clothing peg. The wood is hard and keeps the point. I used Liquitex black Acrylic ink and my usual 140lb Bockingford NOT watercolour paper. Often when I imagine these scenes I remember many of the past scenes that I have done and remember that it is said that a little red roof or door can draw the eye. Of course you can’t put too much of it into a scene or the effect is lost.

Well, I think that the same think goes for a white sunlit spot … a house side (what is your view on this)….. I feel that if you use too many then the balance seems out of plum.

With that in mind I continued.

Well,  don’t really need to explain this……we do the sky and ground area (a little burnt umber wash) and, of course, the tree.


All that I have done here is a wash on the tree, the side of the house and the barn door.


All that was needed was a dark tone adding to the gable ends, in the barn and on the side of the tree plus I have darkened the other trees as well. I added the shadow from the tree across the road…… I placed that tree in that position deliberately to give that effect. An alternative to this might have been to try changing the roof colours….. possibly to be the same as the barn. You may wish to try both versions and see which one you like best.

Oh….. while I am thinking……I try and place only one white spot in this painting…as I mentioned earlier about one spot of red attracting the eye….but don’t over do it. I believe that it is the same with too much white….. maybe one third of the paper.

Anyone who has studied Ted Wesson will notice that he is an expert on this

Alan Owen 2012