Valerie Vora


Splash! resized


“Splash” – Acrylic – 26cm x 20cm approx






Northern Lights resized



“Northern Lights” – Acrylic – 26cm x 20cm approx




Dead in the water resized


“Dead in the Water” – watercolour – 26cm x 20cm approx





City Lights resized


“City Lights”– acrylic, 21cm x 28cm approx. – My attempt at an abstract (and very nice too Valerie -edit)







“Astilbes” – acrylic on canvas – 21cm x 28cm approx







Floral Handshake resized


“Floral Handshake”– acrylic – 21cm x 28cm approx







Fun in the Park  resized


“Fun in the Park” – acrylic – approx 18cm x 24cm







Aloha resized


“Aloha”– watercolour- after Zoltan Szobo, 21cm x 28cm approx





complementary colours resized


“Unexpect The Expected With My Complementaries” – acrylic – approx 25cm x 21cm






flores d espana resized2


“Flores d’Espana” – watercolour – approx 27cm x 21cm








“Fancy a hoot in the barn?” – acrylic – approx 24cm x 18cm





A Cotswolds Scene after Judi Whitton Mixed media resized



“A Cotswold Scene” – after Judi Whitton – approx 35cm x 25cm – mixed media




fox resized

pig resized

Companion pieces “It wasn’t me” and “But I saw you” Both watercolour and each approx 21cm x 15 cm



DSCF0611 cropped resized


“The Absence of Presence” – Watercolour – approx 30cm x 25cm – an exercise in painting glass objects






DSCF0607 cropped resized

“Primaries Let Loose” – Watercolour – approx 30cm x 25cm – an exercise in painting wet-in-wet






“Sun and Snow” – Watercolour – approx DSCF0608 cropped resized30cm x 25cm – an exercise in using cool and warm colours.







“Christmas Fairy” – Acrylic – approx 17cm x 27cm







“Wildflower Bouquet” – Acrylic – approx 19cm x 27cm






“Country Scene” – approx 15cm x 15cm – watercolour.






“Bluebell Wood” – approx 35cm x 25cm – Acrylic




“Poppies for Thomas” – approx 35cm x 25cm – Acrylic on canvas . It is in remembrance of my grandfather who was killed in the first World War in France, aged 26.



“Spanish Reflections” – Approx 35cm x 25cm – Watercolour





“A Morning in La Cala” – Approx 20cm x 14cm – Watercolour






“Secret Bay” – approx 28cm x 21cm – Acrylic




“Sunset on the Canal” – approx 27cm x 19cm – Acrylic





“Colour Riot” – approx 27cm x 19cm – watercolour





“I never promised you a Rose Garden” – approx 28cm x 21cm – watercolour background with the designs overlaid using PITT artist pens – This was an experiment using an idea from a poster I saw in a shoe-shop in Oban


“The Rescue” – approx 30cm x 22cm – Acrylic








“Poppies for Thomas 2” – approx 28cm x 21cm – watercolour. Dedicated to my Grandfather who gave his life in the Great War, aged 26. He died in fields of mud & blood In Ypres.

I picture him now at rest in a golden meadow in England.


” Sacre Coeur, Montmartre” – after a Maurice Utrillo painting dated 1937 – approx 31cm x 25cm – watercolour – I admired the place-mat over dinner at a friend’s house, so she kindly lent it to me. I think that the original was in oils but I have tried it in watercolour.