Acrylic Painting

It’s odd really that most beginners start their painting journey using watercolour paint as it is generally accepted that watercolour is the most difficult medium.  Traditionally the other medium that has had prominence is Oil paint.

But there is a new kid on the block……. Acrylic Paint. Well, not new (it’s been with us in one form or another since the 1940’s……. but the ones we’re familiar with today have been around since the 1960’s)

Acrylic paint is a polymer emulsion containing colour pigment. It can be diluted with water or used straight from the tube. Depending upon just how much or how little water is mixed in then different effects can be created. Use enough water and it can behave in a similar manner to watercolour paint, use no water (or very little) and it can be similar to oil paint; or it can have it’s own unique characteristics that cannot be found with any other medium.

It dries quickly, which can be a blessing or a curse…..but ways of using/dealing with this facet of the medium will be discussed at greater length in other pages on this website.

What paint, brushes and painting surfaces to use will also be the subject of other articles but one thing will stand being repeated frequently……..

………you read the part that said “It dries quickly”……..well they’re not messing about when they say that……. it’ll ruin your brushes if you leave them for even the smallest amount of time out of water. For the time being (and I tempt the wrath of other, more knowledgeable artists here)….if you are to leave your painting for a couple of minutes then place your brushes in water. The proper way to clean them will also be discussed at length.

Oh……and acrylic paint just loves your clothes……so much so in fact that once it gets on them it will never leave again……so wear something protective or clothing that you don’t mind getting paint on.

So…….this section will grow as I add more stuff but choose a topic and away you go.

Dave Hendry

July 2012

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