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Elise Nimmo accepts commissions for her work and in fact all the 8 portraits shown below were undertaken on a commission basis. Some of these were bought as presents for others and you can imagine how pleased the recipients were.

Elise can be contacted via this website by sending a message to westhoughtonartgroup@hotmail.com and she will get  in touch very quickly…….or email ArtByElise@outlook.com


“Two Cats” – approx 60cm x 40cm –





“Three Horses” – approx 60cm x 84cm – Pastels.







“Cairo, Daisy & Aero” – approx 60cm x 84cm – Pastels




“Timmy the Gordon Setter” – approx 40cm x 60cm – Pastels









“Horse” – approx 40cm x 60cm – Pastels








“Two Dogs” – approx size 60cm x 40cm – Pastels






“Horse” – approx 60cm x 40cm – Pastels








“Dog” – approx 40cm x 60cm – Pastels







“Prince Percy” – approx 40cm x 60cm – Pastels







“Jack – Black Lab” – approx 40 cm x 60cm – Pastels








“Brown Hare” – approx 20cm x 30cm – Pen & Watercolour






“Double Trouble – Tilly & Jack” – approx 30cm x 40cm – Watercolour





“Danu the Greyhound” – approx 60cm x 42cm – Pastels







“Arab x Connemara mare” – approx 42cm x 60cm – Pastels






BillyBob resized for website



“Billybob” – approx 42cm x 60cm – pastel – this cat desperately tried to hide behind pot plants to avoid the camera







Lucy resized for website



“Lucy” – approx 30cm x 45cm – pastel – Lucy sadly died last year and I was commissioned to create this as a present for her owner.





Pastel 'Painting' resized


“Beach Scene” – 16″ x 20″ – pastel painting was a present for my cousin, from her travels……I think South America somewhere, but I forget




Katie sketch resized


“Katie” – Charcoal & chalk – 10″ x 12″ The sketch of Katie, my niece, which I turned into a finished picture, but I still prefer the freshness of this sketch.





Kingfisher card


“Kingfisher” – The kingfisher was done on white scraperboard, then tinted with watercolours. It’s a weeny 2x3cm ish.





Honeymoon beach resized


“Honeymoon Beach – acrylic canvas, about 10×12″ which I think is somewhere near Cuba – a present for my friend from their honeymoon.