Vivian Purnell


late oct 13 015 resized


“Clarabelle the Cow” – mixed media – approx 25cm x 35cm – in the Katie Hampson style






oct nov 13 002 resized


“Francesca the Fox “ – Pen and wash – approx 25cm x 35cm – I enjoyed producing Clarabelle so much I decided to make a friend for her (also in the Katie Hampson style)






oct nov 13 030 resized


“Harbour Scene 2” – Acrylic – 25cm x 35cm approx – inspired by the artist Carl Jacobs.

A friend saw the first picture and said it would look superb on the wall of her Scarborough apartment. So I thought I’d paint another in the same style. Looking forward to seeing it in situ next year.




harbour scene resized


“Harbour Scene” – Acrylic – 25cm x 35cm approx – done during a session with the artist Carl Jacobs.







“Wigan Market Hall” – circa 1910 – approx 20cm x 14cm -Watercolour painted in 2010. One of my better paintings done after about 12months self tution from websites, books and DVDs. Wanted to do a painting I could pass on to the family with a local subject they would recognise.



“Tess”– Springer Spaniel 2002-10 – approx 15cm x 15cm – My first painting using acrylics, done soon after her passing, as a celebration of her life and companionship. With the painting, displayed in our conservatory, she remains in our sight a well as our minds.





Cypriot Street Scene 1 – Watercolour – approx 23cm x 18cm. Both this and “Cypriot Street Scene 2” are after an artist who works and teaches in Cyprus, in the Paphos area. His name is Borislav Georgiev and he shows & sells his art near Paphos Harbour. He kindly donated prints of these paintings and gave his permission for Westhoughton Art Group members to paint them. Vivian has done a very good job with these two……..I’m sure that he’ll be pleased when he sees the terrific job that Vivian has done of them. Dave Hendry May 2012



Cypriot Street Scene 2 – Watercolour – approx 23cm x 18cm. See description above





“Hedgerow Butterflies 1” after Jayne Netley – Watercolour – approx 25cm x 15cm – One of a pair of paintings on this subject.




“Hedgerow Butterflies 2” after Benjamin Perkins- Watercolour – approx 25cm x 15cm – Second in a pair of paintings on this subject.



“Doorway with Gazebo” – after an image in “The Painter” – pen & wash – approx 25cm x 15cm





“Bob’s place Grasmere” – after Judy Boyes –  pen & wash – approx 25cm x 15cm







“Falcon” after Sir Edwin Landseer in 1837 – approx 25cm x 30cm – pencil. The original was painted in oils by Landseer who is who is more well known for the four bronze lions around Nelsons Column in London