Members Paintings

This section shows just some of the paintings produced by the members of Westhoughton Art Group. It suffers from just two things:-

1. It has an over representation of my paintings because I want to add content to the site and as I always scan immediately after completion, I have a ready supply of images to add.

2. It’s a common and sad truth that artists of all vintages consider that their work can’t possibly be good enough to show anyone. We’ve all had experience of someone who says “I’m not happy with it…… I just couldn’t get it right” only for them to show the subject of their disappointment to the group and be met with genuine comments of approval and appreciation. as Picasso said “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” I’m sure that everyone will agree that there’s a lot of talent in the members work.

Please choose one of the Members Names from the “Members Paintings” drop down menu above………scroll to the artist of your choice and click.


Please feel free to comment on the artwork on this site…….all of it done by interested amateurs. You can email WAG at westhoughtonartgroup @ (delete spaces before and after the “@” symbol)


It is my hope that there will be art from more of the group shortly.

Dave Hendry Dec 2011